“I think I got more out of the study than I expected. It was a paradigm shift in thinking and a realization of the propaganda we are being fed by big food industry (dairy/meat). I think the food journals were one of the most important things we did. It’s part of the accountability and staying on track and getting feedback.”

Aurora, CO,

“By participating in the study, I am more aware of the role diet plays in health, and making healthier diet choices.  Participating in the study provided a framework to learn about a plant-based diet. Thank you, Nicole.  Your class has made a positive difference in my life and that of my family!”

Parker, Colorado

“I thought I was food smart until I started working with Nicole, but really, my head was full of media propaganda that was detrimental to my health. After taking “The Road to Wellness” course, I am much more able to easily evaluate food choices throughout my day to make long term strides to improve my overall health as proven by my 26 point drop in cholesterol in only 3 months. Not only did I learn a ton of great information, Nicole was terrific to work with. She was never judgmental about my choices and always encouraged me to keep going down this healthier path. I will be ever grateful for the control I know I have to avoid many common debilitating diseases suffered by so many people these days.

Denver, Colorado

“I was introduced to Nicole and her interest in nutrition through Juice Plus.  I was having a problem with continuous sinus infections requiring the use of antibiotics.    Nicole encouraged me to try taking Juice Plus, a whole food supplement with lots of antioxidants, to help my immune system.  I have been taking Juice Plus for about six years, and my health has drastically improved.

Because of my association with Nicole through Juice Plus, I knew she was continuing her passionate interest in health and nutrition by enrolling in a course of study to receive a Nutrition Degree. So, about a year ago, I turned to Nicole for some health advice. I was not what most people would call over weight at 5’4′ and 126 lbs.  However, my normal adult weight had been around 110lbs.  Also, with the weight gain my cholesterol and blood pressure had increased.

My goal in working with Nicole was to loose weight and eliminate the need for medication for cholesterol and blood pressure.  Nicole educated me about my body and how the various foods we eat affect it.  Following Nicole’s guidelines, I started changing my diet and increasing my exercising and walking more.  She also gave me a list of books to read about nutrition and health.

The weight came off gradually because I was doing it naturally by changing the food I was putting in my body.  I was not following a fad diet or using already prepared diet foods.  After 6 months I was down to 115lbs. and a blood test showed my bad cholesterol had dropped 40 points with the good increasing.  It has now been over a year since making the changes to my diet and exercise routine.  I now weigh 111lbs.  and no longer take medication for cholesterol or blood pressure. The changes I made will continue as a way of life.  Thanks to Nicole’s program, I am healthier and feel better about myself.

I feel strongly that anyone wanting to make changes to improve their health would benefit from Nicole’s program at the Healthy Forks Wellness Center!”

~Annette, 70 years old
Sacramento, California

“As a business owner, it is challenging to find fun and reasonable ways to bring healthy choices into our everyday lives. Thank goodness Nicole Younkin has opened her new business with health and wellness!

Although I have thought I was healthy in the past, I now know that there is a lot more that I can learn from Nicole as she has a plan to help each and every one of us do the best we can with our diets. Nicole is very educated and passionate about what she puts into her body and her family’s bodies.

Seeing Nicole in action is refreshing. Her professionalism and product knowledge is outstanding. You can tell that she believes in what she is doing in how she speaks and acts in reference to food and the relationship we have with it.

She held a study with several women over a period of time and was always prepared with copious amounts of slides and information about all the food we consume in our diets everyday. She presented both sides of how the food industry has trained us to believe certain things about what we need on a daily basis. She showed how we can still get the nutrition we need without starving and food still tastes GOOD and it GOOD for us!

If you have a need to change your relationship with food and what is fact and fiction, Nicole is the health and wellness person to do that with you!”

Denver, CO