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Article: Tips For Evaluating Research Studies

By Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., N.D. Wellness Forum Health Can you share some information about how to determine which research studies are reliable vs those that are not? I’m determined to get information about my own healthcare issues, particularly based on some of my previous interactions with doctors, but having some trouble figuring out theContinue Reading

Video: Dr. Pam A Letter to Parents About Childhood Vaccines

This letter is for any parent who is concerned about the issue, and for anyone who would is trying to get a family member or friend to look into the vaccine issue more thoroughly.  Continue Reading

Video: Dr. Pam Letter to the Patient Regarding Treatment that “Works”

  People are always asking Dr. Pam what to tell someone who thinks that drugs are “working” – how do you get someone like this to change his mind?  Here’s what she says. Great information.  Continue Reading

Basil Pesto – Oil Free

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Article – Weight Loss, High Carbohydrate Diet for Weight Loss

Are you confused by all of the hype of eating a low-carbohydrate diet to lose weight? A new study shows that eating a High-Carbohydrate Diet is better for long-term weight loss! And as many of you know, eating this style of diet is much better for long-term health. I am listed on a website forContinue Reading

Article: Many Hypertensive Patients Should Not Be Medicated

More and more studies are now showing that many individuals taking blood pressure medications are overmedicated. Here is a great video by Dr. Pam Popper, Ph.D., N.D. Executive Director of Wellness Forum Health on this topic. Dr. Pam’s VideoContinue Reading

Article: A Review of Wheat Belly: Is The Problem Ignorance? Or Does Dr. Davis Intend To Deceive?

Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., N.D. Wellness Forum Health The public’s almost insatiable appetite for information about diet and health has led to an explosion of articles, books, websites, blogs, and documentaries. While I think more information is almost always better, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many people to sort out good and evidence-based informationContinue Reading

Article: Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) The Wrong Low-carb Answer for Bowel Troubles

Here is a great article written by Dr. John McDougall M.D.  I have heard a few people discussing SIBO but do they really have it and what is the best approach. Reading

Video: Intro to Informed Medical Decision Making

As a Certified Wellness Forum Health Provider we do local lunch and dinner discussions where we discuss how to become an informed medical consumer.  If you aren’t located in Parker CO. Here is a recording of that talk given by Nicole Younkin, Health Advisor, Nutrition Educator. When prompted just enter your name and email addressContinue Reading

Thai Coconut Soup

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