What is this plant based eating plan all about?

It is actually a lot easier than it sounds. We are basically getting back to eating the foods humans were designed to eat.  Ever wonder why we don’t have sharp pointy teeth?  Or why our digestive systems aren’t short like a carnivores?  Our digestive tract most closely resembles that of a Chimpanzee, who are mainly plant and seed eaters?  What does all of this mean?  That humans were meant to eat a plant based diet.  Not processed junk foods or refined foods but whole plant foods such as: fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and possibly a small amount of animal protein.  This approach to eating also makes calorie counting and portion control a thing of the past!


You might be asking yourself what is a optimal lifestyle? Most of us have excuses for not taking care of ourselves. Not sleeping enough, not exercising, not approaching life with a positive outlook, getting caught up in the everyday stresses of life and not looking at our lives from a place of gratitude. Even though most of us have plenty of time to watch our favorite TV shows, getting that 30 to 45 minutes of exercise a day seems insurmountable. How we view our life and interact with our surroundings is completely under our control. We decide if obstacles and issues are growing opportunities or miserable experiences. During our courses and consultations we will discuss healthy lifestyle choices and changes to facilitate your journey to optimum wellness.

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Additionally, there are lots of other issues that must be addressed in order to become and remain optimally healthy, which include the type of doctor you should choose, the diagnostic tests you should and should not have done, and how to ascertain if the advice you’re being given by health care practitioners is right or wrong. Every day, new articles appear stating that drugs, supplements, diagnostic tests, and medical procedures that have been assumed to be safe and effective might not be either safe or effective. You can no longer afford to visit doctors and other health care providers and do what you’re told. You need to be an informed consumer. We have become a Wellness Forum Health Certified Provider to give you access to the best information to become an informed consumer.