Available Talks

Are you part of a group or organization that would benefit from information on how to maintain or improve their quality of life and health status? At Healthy Forks Wellness Center we offer a wide range of topics to chose from. Custom topics are available.  Contact us today to inquire about these presentations.

WFHLogoIntro to Informed Medical Decision Making

Participate in an interactive discussion  about diet, lifestyle and healthcare. You’ll become informed about the latest and best scientific information about health that will allow you to make the most informed decisions for you and your family. 

Introduction to Fueling Athletes for Performance and Long-term Health

Why is what’s on your fork important? How can it impact both performance and long-term health

How to get more Plants in your diet?

Interested in learning which foods nourish our bodies and some easy ways to get more of these foods in your diet? This can also be combined with a cooking demo/tasting.

Which Foods Nourish Our Bodies?

Which foods should we eat? Are you confused by all the media hype? Most people are. Can our bodies heal themselves if given the right tools?