Wellness Forum Health Provider

As a Wellness Forum Health Provider we can offer Wellness Forum Health programming to our Members too. See below for details.


WFHLogoPermanent weight loss program, a plan for the rest of your life

How to change your thinking about food and health to result in permanent changes and stop the yo-yo dieting battle. Learn new strategies through specific activities designed to change your way of thinking about food and ultimately to change your eating behaviors so that you can enjoy eating without guilt or fear.

This program will also teach you how to get others to help you, how to stay motivated for the long term and also learn some delicious recipes that will keep you excited about eating well.

Includes 5 instructional CD’s in which you will learn 24 key concepts and how to apply them easily to your daily life, a detailed 24-module workbook for note taking, journaling, and to keep you on track, and two 2-hour live conference calls per month for one full year for discussion and problem solving.

Fee: only $297.00 for members

WFHLogoWellness Forum Foods

A large selection of easy-to-make mixes that are versatile, inexpensive and incredibly delicious. All products easy to make, and recipes are posted on our website at wellnessforum.com. Gift packages are available for holidays, and products can be shipped anywhere in the world. Members get free shipping on orders of $250 or more.

WFHLogoThe InforMED Medical Consumer Subscription

This subscription series covers a wide range of topics, including diets, supplements, tests, drugs, procedures, and informed medical decision making tools. Classes are offered via video lectures with supplemental slides and materials. New workshops are added each month on an ongoing basis.

Tuition $199 per year

WFHLogoPart I Introduction to Informed Healthcare Decision Making

Includes understanding the informed decision making process; how to find and interview health professionals including family practice doctors, pediatricians, mental health professionals, physical therapists, personal trainers; how to read basic blood tests and other commonly administered tests; and other related topics

(included in membership)

WFHLogoPart II Empower yourself – understanding the evidence puts you in control. We promise that everyone can understand the information in this crucial course! Basic statistics for the layperson, Understanding Wellness Forum Health’s criteria for evaluating evidence Applying Wellness Forum Health criteria to articles on diet, health and medicine Practice! We help you do it and make sure you know how!

Two 2-hour sessions

WFHLogoPart III Diet and Supplement Information
WFHLogoPart IV Diagnostic tests – the good, the bad, and the harmful and useless. Includes information about tests ranging from routine blood tests to cancer screening.

WFHLogoPart V Understanding Common Conditions

These classes provide an overview of causes of disease, and an overview of treatment. They are not a substitute for medical care, but are designed to provide guidance for prevention and sound decision making for afflicted family members.



WFHLogoVaccines: What Every Clinician and Patient Should Know

New, from Wellness Forum Health, a comprehensive, evidence-based course designed to facilitate informed decision-making about this very important topic. No hype, just the facts with supporting documentation from medical journals, government websites, and other reliable sources. Developed by Dr. Kathy Waller, former immunology professor at The Ohio State University, this course covers ALL of the most important topics related to this issue, which include:

Immunology basics
The history of vaccines
Detailed explanation of all of the diseases for which vaccines are recommended, along with risks of developing these diseases
Detailed description of each vaccine currently recommended, along with information about adjuvant ingredients
Data on side effects for each vaccine
Vaccine research – how studies are conducted
Herd immunity
Vaccines and autism
Mercury in vaccines
Vaccines and pregnancy
The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
Laws pertaining to vaccines – admission to school, state and federal laws, medical, religious and philosophical exemptions
Travel and vaccine requirements
Proponents and opponents of vaccines

This is the most comprehensive educational program ever developed on this topic!

Format: 60-90-minute lectures posted on a video platform. Each lecture is accompanied by a detailed slide presentation which can be downloaded by students. Dr. Waller is available via email for questions from participants.

Tuition: $695 per student